Ambrosio.Adams Metal Arts (AAMA) & Designs was incorporated in June 2017.  Owners Pamela Tryon Ambrosio, Joan French Adams are passionate about mixed media arts and have brought together their unique talents and experiences to design, prototype, produce and sell stand-alone, 3-dimensional mixed media metal arts, which can be viewed from multiple angles.

As an artist, Pamela has experimented with multiple medias and has incorporated metal into her large mosaics.  Joan is a materials engineer who worked with metal during her career in innovation and as a youth while growing up on a farm & ranch in Montana.  Joan’s brother, Robert Grant French, helped with the initial prototypes for AAMA and has worked with metal for over 50 years.

Our designs are simple, compelling and suggestive, and our products are reflective of the homes and natural landscapes in which they reside.  Mixed media (e.g., paint, glass, mosaics, stones, horns) is incorporated into the metal art.  Soft metal materials (e.g., copper mesh) are used with strong structural metals (e.g., hot-rolled steel).  Our products are sealed for protection against the weather and sunlight and have unique color enhancing finishes (e.g., stains, patinas).  Our products are engineered for stability while being mindful of weight and portability.