Our creative three-person team comes from different worlds, but we see beauty in similar ways.  Joan, a Montana ranch girl turned technology engineer & innovator, and Pam, a California swimmer and artist, seek to create enduring pieces of art that stand the test of time.  Robert, a creative master welder and metalworker, joins us with his hands-on expertise.  Our metal art can be enjoyed inside and out.  It is unique in its perspective of harnessing the past with nature-inspired sculptures to contemporary designs seen in our wall art and smaller sculptures.

AAMA Designs brings together the unique strengths and experiences of:

Pamela Tryon AmbrosiO


Artist’s Statement:
The need to express ourselves is as old as time itself.  Creating beauty in any art form is something people need.  There is a serene quietness that flows through me when I am working.  Finding time is not always easy, but always worth the effort … every single time!

Joan French Adams


Joan’s Statement:

Bringing metal to life is joyful! I am thrilled to be creating beautiful metal art that is well designed, engineered and finished -- to bring beauty, serenity and joy to your home!  And hopefully, a smile to your face and a song to your heart.

Robert Grant French

Metal Worker & Welder


Robert's Statement:

Robert’s help getting AAMA started was invaluable, he now helps us fabricate pieces occasionally when he is in town. Working with metal requires precision & creativity.  Building the 3-D statues requires precision in cutting and welding -- and requires a creative eye to see the angles. Strong structural materials, bases and precision welding ensure the stability of the finished statues.  I am pleased to be engaged in this new adventure!