Company Background

Ambrosio.Adams Metal Arts (AAMA) & Designs was incorporated in June 2017.  Owners Pamela Tryon Ambrosio, Joan French Adams are passionate about mixed media arts and have brought together their unique talents and experiences to design, prototype, produce and sell stand-alone, 3-dimensional mixed media metal arts, which can be viewed from multiple angles.

As an artist, Pamela has experimented with multiple medias and has incorporated metal into her large mosaics.  Joan is a materials engineer who worked with metal during her career in innovation and as a youth while growing up on a farm & ranch in Montana.  Joan’s brother, Robert Grant French, helped with the initial prototypes for AAMA and has worked with metal for over 50 years has built unique civil structures in Montana and the greater Seattle area.  

Our designs are simple, compelling and suggestive, and our products are reflective of the homes and natural landscapes in which they reside.  Mixed media (e.g., paint, glass, mosaics, stones, horns) is incorporated into the metal art.  Soft metal materials (e.g., copper mesh) are used with strong structural metals (e.g., hot-rolled steel).  Our products are sealed for protection against the weather and sunlight and have unique color enhancing finishes (e.g., stains, patinas).  Our products are engineered for stability while being mindful of weight and portability.


Company Inspiration:

Pamela & Joan met in 2013 while swimming on a swim team in Tucson.  Our friendship grew as we discovered our common passions for fitness & nutrition, hiking, nature, the spiritual, and our now-grown children.  Several years of conversation about our common passions for textures, colors, materials, and 3-dimensional designs led us to explore the intersection of art, materials and business.  When Joan and her husband decided to remove a landscape tree that was blocking their view, Joan began searching for “something” with height to add dimensionality to their yard.  With Pam’s understanding of Tucson and its art, these friends began looking for metal sculptures & landscape art.  When they did not find 3-dimensional, stand-alone, colorful and sealed pieces, we started talking about “making our own metal art.”  When Robert came to Tucson in February 2017 to visit family, Pam & Joan asked if he would help produce ~25 prototype stand-alone, 3-dimensional kachina statutes.  This was the launching of AAMA Designs.


AAMA Designs is using salvage materials and recycled metals from the French Family Ranch in Montana and scrap yards in Tucson.  We are repurposing salvaged metals to create unique, one-of-kind mixed media metal art sculptures for your home and garden.

Our customers in the Southwest are looking for alternatives to water-intensive landscapes and want to add a touch of the Southwest to their homes and gardens.  Customers in other areas of the country are looking to reduce their use of water, reduce the time spent in their yards and are looking for 3-D art to bring color and dimension to the interior and exterior environments.

Our Mission:

AAMA Design’s mission is to produce 3-dimensional mixed media metal statues and wall art designed to bring smiles to our customer’s faces and joy to their hearts.  Our stand-alone, 3-D metal art and designs may be viewed from multiple angles and are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.  Our designs are guided by our love of the spiritual, our respect for the environment, our desire to create joy, and our passion for mixed media art!  We will promote sustainability through material re-use and charitable donations.

Our Objectives:

AAMA Designs is a start-up company, which is exploring the market for filling a niche in both price and design.  Our pricing falls between expensive bronze gallery pieces and bargain priced tin fabrications made in Mexico.  Our designs use dimensionality and ornamentation rarely seen in stand-alone metal art.

Waiting to be finished and embellished!

Love this one!  Can be embellished in many ways....